We thank you for visiting our FAQ page.  This information is for those ordering VBS (Vacation Bible School) T-shirts for summer 2023.

 What about pricing, taxes, and shipping?

Our price for the VBS the designs shown is $6 per shirt or $7 per shirt if you want the church name added.  Sizes 2xl and above have an additional  $2 fee.  Church name personalization is available for orders of 25 or more.  Taxes will apply if ordering  from Idaho.  Shipping is not included in the price. I can estimate shipping for you if you know about how many shirts you will order,  adult and child.  Please include the shipping address when requesting a shipping quote via email.  We use USPS business shipping or UPS 3 day shipping which gives us the best rate.

Can I choose my t-shirt color? Yes! Linked here is the youth and adult size color choices.   Some colors may have limited availability at times and you should note that the youth color choices are fewer than the adult, so check both links when choosing.   We are not offering toddler or infant sized prints for VBS at this time.  You can also view the product measurements with these links.

https://www.sanmar.com/p/3985_AquaticBl?text=pc54   – Adult link

https://www.sanmar.com/p/3986_Purple?text=pc54y – Youth link 

Can I see the design with my VBS theme information?  Yes!  Let us know what VBS theme you are choosing and we will send you a proof with the theme and catch phrase. If you are choosing the personalization option, the church name will appear at the bottom of each design.  If ordering personalization,  we will send you a proof to confirm the design before we print. 

I want shirts for a different VBS not shown in your sample list, can I get them? Yes, we will do custom designs for orders over 25 items.   Prices will vary for custom designs depending on garment choice, number of print colors, and print locations.  A simple one color custom with an order of over 25 items will be $7 per shirt.   

What sizes can we order?  Are they true to size? We have chosen a style and brand that  is true to size. Youth shirts come in XS (extra small) to XLAdult shirts come in small to 4XLIf you need a bigger size please ask, we may be able to find one for you. Sizes 2xl and above have an additional $2 fee.  You can see size information here.

http://www.apparelvideos.com/cs/CatalogBrowser?todo=mm&productId=PC54Y – youth measurement

https://www.apparelvideos.com/cs/CatalogBrowser?todo=ss&productId=PC54Y – youth size equivalents

https://www.apparelvideos.com/cs/CatalogBrowser?todo=mm&productId=PC54 – Adult measurements

https://www.apparelvideos.com/cs/CatalogBrowser?todo=ss&productId=PC54 – adult size equivalents  

How do I order? You can fill out the inquiry form on the VBS page or send us an email at wildcatscreenprinting@gmail.com.  In your email detail color choices, design choices, personalization if desired, shipping information,  and number of each size needed.   Please also include your VBS dates and when you would like the order to be delivered.  We will then generate an email invoice for you.  Once we receive the deposit (half of the invoice), we will begin to process your order. 

How do I pay? You will receive your invoice through an email.  There is a secure payment link through Quickbooks included in that email that can take either debit or credit for your convenience.  It may take up to 24 hours for the invoice to be generated.   We will start your order when the invoice deposit has been paid.  You may also pay via church check and send it to Wildcat Screen Printing 903 Briarwood Drive, Nampa, Idaho 83651.  Please let us know if there is a check on its way to us so that we can get moving on your order to avoid a delay in delivery.

When should I order? Our turn around time is about 2-3 weeks from the time of the deposit or payment in full, plus whatever the shipping takes.  Shipping time is usually 2-4 days.  Due to the condition of global shipping right now we are not getting product from our wholesalers as quickly as we used to.  We apologize for this inconvenience and the lengthened turn around time that it creates.    We are a small company, and a ministry family,  so order early if you are able as it is a busy season.  If you know you will be ordering later on, you may make a reservation on our production schedule.  Please only ask for a reservation if you are certain you will be ordering.  We are so excited to be a part of what others are doing for the Kingdom and sincerely hope to share what we have with as many as possible.